Results of quarterly meeting


In 2016-2017, Mikatsu boat engines have successfully proved themselves in the world market due to expansion of their range and good indicators of price and quality ratio of the products. In connection whereof, on September 28, 2017, at the quarterly meeting, Vice-Chairman Lee Woo-Suk (황우석) has met with leading specialists of Development and Planning departments. The main purpose of the meeting was:

- approval of a new design of a two-stroke Mikatsu engine 15 hp,

- consolidated report on distribution and warranty cases of the MF75FEL-T and MF115FEL-T boat motors,

- Presentation of a new development, four-stroke 150 hp engine of MF150FEL-T model.

Mr. Lee Woo-Suk (황우석) has said the demand and market trends stimulate the company to expand the range of products, as well as introduce innovations in the design of a number of models. The output of powerfull boat engines will allow the Mikatsu brand to cover new sales markets and build new productive relationship with large distributors of water equipment.

As a result of the meeting, initiatives proposed by the Development and Planning departments have been approved, as well as regulations for coordination of production processes have been worked.

results of quarterly meeting 2


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