Mikatsu MF30FES

Power (horsepower) 30
Power (kW) 22
Control tiller
Motor weight (kg) 67
Start manual and electric
Rpm 5000-6000
Engine capacity (cub.cm.) 498
Cycle number 4
Cylinder number 2
Ignition microcomputer
Cooling water
Gear F-N-R
Fuel tank capacity (liters) 24 outside
Piston diameter (mm) 65x75
Gear ratio 2.08:1 (27/13)
Fuel mixture -
Screw 8" - 14"
Propeller pitch turn right
Engine configuration Carburetor with accelerator pump
Lifting system no
Fuel type 95
Generator 12V 16A
Transom height (mm) 381 (S)
Transmission oil capacity (ml) 320
Recommended spark plug NGK DPR6EВ-9
Lubrication Premix
Recommended oil type 0W-30 10W-40
Fuel consumption (liters per hour) 9.8+

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