Speech from the Chairman of the Board

Quality… There is quite a conditional consenus on what quality actually is. In the broadest sense, quality is everything that can be improved. When people say “quality”, they usually mean the quality of products. But, observed from the perspective of continuous and everlasting improvement, it means something completely different. Here the quality of people is appreciated above all.

“The quality of people is appreciated above all”

The three whales Mikatsu stands on are “iron”, “paper” and people. Only when you have the right people around you can bother about equipment and business documentation. Improving the quality of people means forming a systematic self-improvement.

The primary goals of the company in the coming years are to search for and attract foreign investors and business partners for a productive cooperation to provide access to new production facilities. With an output of about 40,000 engines per year, we set ourselves the goal of doubling it in 2018, and tripling the number of units produced in 2019.

It's great to realize that things you create give people pleasure, and for someone they are even a means of existence.


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