Mikatsu presents a new line of powerful motors


Over the last years the sales of boat motors of more than 90 h.b. have almost doubled. Such engines are usually bought to be installed on big boats of PVC, RIB and pleasure boats. Mostly it is done for commercial activities. The owners of tourist bases, eager to extend the services spectrum, buy boats and motors amounting to several units per season. This is a common practice, since purchasing one powerful motor is much more profitable than purchasing two weaker motors.

Advantages of the high power boat motors

  • Less fuel consumption;

  • Moremovementspeed;

  • The efficiency of a large propeller is more than that of small ones;

  • One engine is easier to attend to than several low-powered ones.

The Korean company Mikatsu has kept up and produces 5 superpowerful engines from 115 to 300 h.b.

Advantages of Mikatsu motors

Melting temperature is 600°C higher than that of the analogs

The increased quality of the parts with maximum simplification of the construction allowed for reduction of attendance requirements, prolonging the motor’s service terms. Use of high alloy compounds increased the melting temperature of main nodes to 1300 °C, which is significantly higher than that of the competitors’.

10 years warranty for Mikatsu motors

The motor’s service terms are not limited by time, which is confirmed by unprecedented 10 years warranty and use of the most perfect compounds and technologies applied in water motor industry.

3-times manufacturing test

The Mikatsu triple test for each product on edge heights provide for stable work of the motor at small and high strains even in the severest weather conditions.

Cheaper than the analogs

The Mikatsu motors are not only the sample of quality and reliability. The simplicity of production make them the most profitable investment on the water motor equipment market. 

30% less carbon emission

Mikatsu uses modern eco-friendly Ultra Low Emission technologies, such as anti-corrosion anode by Canadian brand Martyr and the PPG painting method that manifold increase the anti-corrosion qualities of the motors, decreasing the emission of heavy metals into the water.

Fuel consumption 20% less than that of the analogs

Mikatsu has set fuel sparing as the top priority by developing a unique carburetor on base of the Japanese analog Keihin, making its motors to be among the most energy effective in the world.

The engine’s oscillation amplitude is 20% lower

The rotation change on Mikatsu motors is carried out not only faster than on the competitors’ but also much more smoothly, turning water travel into the most comfortable activity.

Aerodynamic resistance rate 14% lower

The Mikatsu engineers have developed an extremely aerodynamic shape of the cowl, decreasing not only air, but also water resistance.

24 hours of non-stop work with no power loss

Thanks to the steel linering of the cylinder technology, Mikatsu is less subject to wearing and has great heat insulation, therefore is capable of carrying out its work much longer.

10% faster than the competitors

Mikatsu applies innovative technologies of engine production, allowing for decrease of entering aquaplaning mode by increasing the intake and reducing the travel time over the water surface.

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